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Art is an expression of individual's way of looking at object or thought and producing the work through the medium that they are working.
Craft is something you put together that people can recognize and they are mostly useful things.
Sunanda Parikh

Art is anything handmade that is captivating to the eye and/or thought provoking. Craft differs in that it may be art but, it also has a utility.
Sherri Steeneck

Art is meaning and comes from the soul; craft is use and comes from the heart. Art is the book you're reading, and craft is the comfy sofa.
Andrea Gaines

Crafted items are usually utilitarian by design and art items are for viewing and decorative pleasure. However, the artist and his/her audience are truly the only judge of whether an item should fall into one category or another.
Normajean Brevik

Art is an expression of emotions, not usually planned.
Crafts are an expression of art that result in a tangible outcome.
Donna Hewett

If inspired beauty is evident, is there really a difference between art and craft?
Carol Huta

Art is a craft that you like to try and play with.
Craft is an art that you have perfected. 
Lori Limauro

Art will always contain one or more of the elements and principals of design within composition by intent; craft is produced by an artisan intuitively and with soul.
Tracie Savo

Craft is done to create something you can touch, art is done to create something you can feel emotionally.
Micaela Orpheus

The difference in see in art and craft is that art is an expression of self. Craft is work, completing a task.
Patricia Daigneault